Dhanveer Singh
Ref# IN01MP0100

About Me
My name is Dhanveer Singh . I'm a 13-year-old boy.

My birthday is
November 24, 2007.
I am from

Madhya Pardesh


Akash Nagar:- SAF took on the responsibility of this project in November 2018 by placing 55 children back into school. This is another Sikligar Sikh community & SAF has committed to a 5 year commitment for this community.



My Story

Dhanveer Singh lives with his rather large family, where there are extended family members living as well.  There are currently 18 family members living in one home Dhanveer’s father walks around on foot selling bedsheets with his brother, both of them making $10 CAD per day, collectively, $20. They had sold Dhanveer’s grandfather’s land in order to build a home that would house their families.

If you sponsor Dhanveer today, SAF International can make sure his family’s financial difficulties do not affect this young man’s future. He will be able to continue his schooling and have access to all the opportunities every child deserves. Your monthly contribution will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for the child or any member of his immediate family. Educating young children is an important step in ending poverty around the world. Sponsor Dhanveer Singh today and join SAF International in the fight against poverty.