Jaspreet Singh
Ref# IN01JK0016

About Me
My name is Jaspreet Singh . I'm a 7-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 25, 2013.
I am from



Jammu & Kashmir


Single Mother

My Story

Jaspreet Singh lives in Jammu with his mother who is a single mother.  His father passed away in 2018 in a car accident while driving in Gujarat.  Jaspreet also has an older brother.  Jaspreet enjoys visiting Amritsar and looks up to Shaheed Bhagat Singh as his role model.  He loves being with his family and doesn’t like being away from home.  He enjoys going to school and hopes to become a doctor when he grows up.  You can make Jaspreet’s goals a reality by sponsoring him today and also lifting a financial burden off of his mother.