Jyoti Devi
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About Me
My name is Jyoti Devi . I'm a 12-year-old girl.

My birthday is
February 6, 2008.
I am from





Punjab We mostly deal with single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children with various familial situations.


Low Income

My Story

Jyoti Devi is 11 years old and lives in Jalandhar, Punjab with her 4 siblings and parents.  Her father works in a factory where they make auto car parts and makes about $160 CAD per month.  Jyoti’s mother works as a cleaner in three different homes and makes $30 CAD per month. Jyoti’s family are acting as caretakers of a home that belongs to a family that lives in Canada.  Jyoti’s family is responsible for the electricity bill, and also do not have access to the whole home, they all sleep together in the lobby of the house, as the bedrooms are locked. If you choose to sponsor Jyoti today, you will lift a financial burden off of her father’s shoulders, and help Jyoti achieve her goals of becoming a doctor when she grows up!