Gurmat Education
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Waheguru jee ka khalsa, Waheguru jee ke fateh!

As many people know, Punjab is suffering from a major drug problem that has destroyed the lives of many young people. Some studies have indicated that as much as 70% of the youth of Punjab is addicted to some form of drug. Punjab, the birthplace of Sikhism and the only Sikh majority state in India, has become the home of those addicted to heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Sikhism forbids the use of such things, yet how can we prevent drug abuse among young people in Punjab today?

SAF International started Gurmat Education Program in 2015, with the goal of educating children about the history of Sikhs, raising awareness about the Sikh principles, and warning children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.


Our Impact



SAF started with just one afterschool academy in a village of Ludhiana, but now after 6 years of this program, it has grown to 9 academies across 25 villages in Punjab. The afterschool academies are located in Gurdaspur (4), Ludhiana (3), and Tarn Taarn (1) and one in Gujarat.

Through the awareness of Sikhism and reaching out to the young people, we will be able to mend the new generation of Sikhs into being more productive with their lives and prevent their involvement with drug abuse. With your kind support, we can continue our Gurmat Education Program, while still working on our other humanitarian projects in Punjab and India.