Many individuals in South Asia are struggling and losing hope. SAF International exists to uplift these people by guiding them along Baba Nanak’s path towards self-betterment.

Child Sponsorship is the most powerful and effective way to fight poverty. You can empower your sponsored child through personal letters and care packages, creating a meaningful connection between yourself and the child.

Sponsor A Child

Step 1

Find a Child

Select a child that you want to sponsor from the list of children available to be sponsored.

Find a Child

Step 2

Welcome Package

Welcome package contains a photo of your sponsored child as well as information about the sponsored child, their familial circumstance and their community.

Step 3

Summer Updates

Each August, you will receive updates about your sponsored child and their community, plus any health or family updates. You will also be receiving a handwritten letter from your child.


Partner With SAF International

You can make a differnece in the lives of these children by donating online today. As a donor based charity, we rely on the sangat to help us further this cause. We are praying for strategic partnerships with fellow believers who will come along side and help us financially.

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Story of a Sikligar Child from Madhya Pradesh!
When you sponsor a child, you're not only impacting their life, but yours as well. Through your generosity and involvement, we can continue to transform lives. Will you join us in making an impact?
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Fund a Project

We have many projects going on apart from the Child Sponsorship.

Madhya Pradesh Sikligar Programs

Madhya Pradesh Sikligar Programs

Helping Sikligars in the village of Pachori and Indore in Madhya Pradesh

Bhai Mewa Singh Punjab School

Bhai Mewa Singh Punjab School

Donate to the rebuild of Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh Primary School, Lopoke