Balvant Singh
Ref# IN01MP0055

About Me
My name is Balvant Singh . I'm a 10-year-old boy.

My birthday is
May 10, 2010.
I am from

Madhya Pardesh


Village: Pachori - SAF has adopted this entire village for 10 years starting January 2018. We educate over 70 children from this community.



My Story

Balvant Singh lives with his 6 other siblings and parents in Pachori, Madhya Pradesh. Balvant lives in a house that is made out of mud and clay. Balvant’s father works very hard as a laborer and brings in only $60 CAD per month in order to support their family of 11. Balvant Singh comes from a family of Sikligar Sikhs. The Sikligars have a rich history of providing handmade weaponry in Guru Gobind Singh Jee’s time for the warriors of the time. The region the Sikligar Sikhs of this village live in, is not like your typical village in India. The homes are scattered, some of them almost 2-3km apart from one another, which makes it hard for many families to receive help when needed. This village is situated in the hills of a mountain, and therefore they have to also deal with dangers of wildlife.