Gurpreet Singh

About Me
My name is Gurpreet Singh and I'm a 8-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 29, 2011.
I am from

My Story

Gurpreet Singh is 7 years old and lives in Amritsar, Punjab with his family. His favourite color is red, and he loves to eat apples. He looks up to both of his parents as his role models. Gurpreet loves going to school and hopes to become a police officer when he is older. Gurpreet’s father works as a woodworker and brings in only $140 CAD per month to support his family of 5, which is not enough to cover the basic costs of living. If you sponsor Gurpreet today, SAF INTERNATIONAL can make sure his family has everything they need to live without worry, and he can continue going to school. Your contribution will allow this young man to live his life free from the crippling burden of poverty. With a little help from you, children living in poverty can receive the opportunity they need to succeed in life.

Sponsor Gurpreet today and give him the hope of a better future.