Jashandeep Singh
Ref# IN01PB0279

About Me
My name is Jashandeep Singh . I'm a 13-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 3, 2006.
I am from



Tarn Taran


Punjab - We ask sangat to have patience with us when it comes to Punjab because SAF is working in 120 villages of Punjab, it takes a lot to get children updates, photos, reports from schools. We mostly deal with Single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children.



My Story

Jashandeep Singh is 12 years old and in Grade 6.  He lives with his family and grandparents in a small and humble 2 bedroom home.  Jashandeep’s father owns one acre of land, which he uses to provide food for his family.  He also owns three female cows and sells their milk and offspring in order to be able to provide for his family. Jashandeep’s mother sews clothing on the side to bring in some extra income. In total, they bring in a combined income of $140 CAD per month.

With your support, we can begin to dismantle the systems of inequality in India that force families like Jashanpreet’s into poverty. Through education, SAF International believes we can empower youth to create change in their communities ending the cycle of poverty.

If you sponsor Jashanpreet Singh today, we can ensure he stays in school. Your monthly contribution will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for his or any member of his immediate family.  Ridding the world of poverty is no small task; however, with the generosity of people like you, we can make it a possibility. Sponsor Jashanpreet today and join SAF International in the fight against poverty.