About Me
My name is Lavanpreet and I'm a 7-year-old girl.

My birthday is
October 12, 2011.
I am from
Punjab - We ask sangat to have patience with us when it comes to Punjab because SAF is working in 120 villages of Punjab, it takes a lot to get children updates, photos, reports from schools. We mostly deal with Single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children.
Single Mother

My Story

Lavanpreet Kaur currently lives in Fazilka, Punjab.  She is currently 7 years old and lives with her mother, brother and grandparents.  Lavanpreet’s mother is a single mother because she was forced to leave her husband 7 years ago as he was an alcoholic and was using his earnings to support this habit.  He was not supportive and caring towards his family and this unfortunate situation forced Lavanpreet’s mother to leave the toxic environment for the sake of her children.  When Lavanpreet’s mother is not working in her labour job, she is sewing clothing on the side to make extra money.  She earns $70 CAD per month.  Their current living conditions are not ideal, as they do not have a bathroom or toilet and have to use a generous neighbour’s facilities. Lavanpreet dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up and only our SAF sponsors can make this happen.  Sponsor Lavanpreet today!