About Me
My name is Jasmeen and I'm a 7-year-old girl.

My birthday is
July 18, 2011.
I am from
Punjab - We ask sangat to have patience with us when it comes to Punjab because SAF is working in 120 villages of Punjab, it takes a lot to get children updates, photos, reports from schools. We mostly deal with Single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children.

My Story

Jasmeen Kaur is in grade 1 and currently lives in Kapurthala with her family.  She really enjoyes studying and hopes to become a teacher someday.  Her parents both work very hard to keep the family somewhat financially stable, although it is proving hard with her father’s mental illness.  He works as a laborer, however he is not able to show up to work on a regular basis due to his mental wellbeing.  When he does manage to work, he makes up to $6 CAD per day.  Jasmeen’s mother tries to pick up the slack by working as a cleaner at a local school, making $60 CAD per month.  The family has rented out two of their rooms in their home which brings in another $18 CAD per month.  Jasmeen’s family is also caring for a 16 year old niece of the family who is also mentally unstable.  Jasmeen’s mother is trying to make ends meet so that she can care for her family, but some days are just harder than others to keep a positive outlook.  If you choose to sponsor Jasmeen today, you will help take some burden off of her mother’s shoulders as she tries her best to keep her family fed and cared for.  Your sponsorship of Jasmeen will pay for her education, school supplies, and any medical attention that her or her immediate family may need.