Sukhveer Singh
Ref# IN01PB0362

About Me
My name is Sukhveer Singh . I'm a 9-year-old boy.

My birthday is
August 14, 2010.
I am from





Punjab - We ask sangat to have patience with us when it comes to Punjab because SAF is working in 120 villages of Punjab, it takes a lot to get children updates, photos, reports from schools. We mostly deal with Single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children.

My Story

Sukhveer Singh is currently studying in 4th grade, going into 5th.  He is almost 9 years old and lives with his family in Ludhiana.  His mother is a housewife and father works as a driver for a wealthy family and makes $200 CAD per month.  Sukhveer’s grandmother and uncle also live with them.  Unfortunately, Sukhveer’s uncle is addicted to drugs and is not always able to contribute to the household income.  It is only when he has good days that he is able to work as a labourer.  The family owns one motorcycle for transportation, and they have a four-bedroom house, of which one room has a collapsed roof that they have not been able to afford to fix.  Sukhveer hopes to become a police officer when he grows up, and it is our sponsors like you that help to make this happen.  If you choose to sponsor Sukhveer today, SAF will ensure that his education is paid for and help him work towards achieving his future goals.