Kulwant Singh
Ref# IN01AP0025

About Me
My name is Kulwant Singh . I'm a 11-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 21, 2009.
I am from

Andhra Pradesh


Hyderabad:- Miryalguda This is Sikligar Sikh community where SAF has been working since Summer 2017.



My Story

Kulwant Singh is currently 10 years old.  He is studying in a local government school and hopes to become a police officer when he grows up.  He lives with a joint family in a very small home, there are 9 people who are living out of one room.  Kulwant Singh's father is an ironworker and earns $160 CAD per month, and as you know that is not nearly enough to support a family of nine.  If you choose to sponsor Kulwant Singh today, you will not only support his future dreams, but you will also be helping to support any medical costs that may arise for him or his immediate family.