About Me
My name is Ishmeet Kaur and I'm a 9-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 7, 2009.
I am from

My Story

Ishmeet Kaur is currently 10 years old and studying in 4th grade.  She lives with her family in Jammu.  Her father used to be a press reporter, but had an accident in 2008 which resulted in brain damage.  He had a brain operation but unfortunately it affected his mental health and he has never been the same.  Due to this, he is unable to work.  There is no income for this family, as her mother is a housewife.  There is an ex MLA of Jammu who is helping this family out by paying for their monthly house rental as well as another generous community member who makes sure to buy them food and ration as they need. If you choose to sponsor Ishmeet today, you will ensure that she gets a quality education, and the financial burden of not being able to provide her with an education will be lifted off of her parent’s shoulders.