Mar 16, 2018

Armaandeep's Story

Armaandeep Singh lives with his grandparents in Tarn Taran. He enjoys attending school. His grandfather only owns ¼ acre of land and works to provide cow feed, which barely provides enough income to provide for his wife and grandchildren. Armaan’s older sister has special needs and does not attend school.  Armaandeep Singh’s father passed away in 2014 from cardiac arrest, and his mother left her children and got remarried. This has left his grandfather to take care of his grandchildren and he fears he will not be able to continue to provide for Armaan’s education.

Armaandeep’s grandfather wants a better, more secure future for his grandson. He wants him to go to school and get a good education, but he cannot afford to pay his tuition much longer. When you sponsor a child through SAF INTERNATIONAL, along with covering the child’s tuition fees we make sure every member of a child’s immediate family receives the treatment they need. If you sponsor Armaandeep today, we will be able to make sure that nothing robs this young boy of the opportunity to learn and the chance for his family to live a happy, healthy life.