Khushdeep Singh
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About Me
My name is Khushdeep Singh . I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
November 22, 2011.
I am from





Punjab We mostly deal with single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children with various familial situations.


Single Father/Mother

My Story

Khushdeep Singh lives with his mother, grandfather, and two siblings in Gurdaspur. Khushdeep’s mother is raising her children on her own, with the help of her father-in-law. Khushdeep’s father married another woman and started a new family without divorcing Khushdeep’s mother. Khushdeep’s grandfather decided to support his daughter-in-law and her three children over his own son, so he kicked Khushdeep’s father out of the house. Khushdeep’s father refuses to support his children financially, so his family is living off the income of his uncle who lives and worksabroad. However, their uncle cannot afford to keep sending them money forever. At the moment, they receive about 10, 000 rupees each month, but this is barely enough to cover their total expenses for food, rent, and other bills. Khushdeep and his siblings were kicked out of school because they could not afford to pay the tuition fees. Khushdeep’s mom is willing to learn sewing in order to become financially independent and provide for her children and her father-in-law on her own.