Mehakpreet Kaur
Ref# IN01PB0907

About Me
My name is Mehakpreet Kaur . I'm a 10-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 7, 2013.
I am from



Tarn Taran


Punjab We mostly deal with single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children with various familial situations.


Low Income

My Story

Mehak is a 4th-grade student. Her father, a dedicated security guard earns $200 while facing cervical issues. At home, she lives with her younger brother,  homemaking mother, grandmother, and her grandfather, who works as Pathi Singh. The hose they live in is shared with three other families of her Uncles, from which they have one room, shared kitchen and bathroom. Mehak's simple joys include bananas, cartoons, and the color red, and she holds her father dear.