Harsimrat Kaur
Ref# IN01PB0948

About Me
My name is Harsimrat Kaur . I'm a 7-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 24, 2016.
I am from





Punjab We mostly deal with single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children with various familial situations.


Granthi/Gurdwara Worker

My Story

Meet Harsimrat, whose father, a Pathi Singh, conducts Akhand Path in villages to make ends meet. They share a house with 15 people, cooking together, but living separately. Despite the well-built house, Harsimrat's father earns $85 monthly, surviving through his seva of a Pathi Singh. Harsimrat aspires to be a Gursikh Doctor. Her father, also the village's 'Nambardar,' manages various responsibilities. Support Harsimrat's dream as she pursues education. Her favorite food is a Burger, enjoying games for fun, and cherishing the color Red, just like her deep admiration for her father