Sagandeep Singh
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About Me
My name is Sagandeep Singh . I'm a 11-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 31, 2010.
I am from





Punjab We mostly deal with single mothers, farmer suicide families and other under privileged children with various familial situations.


Single Mother

My Story

Sagandeep Singh lives in Punjab and is in 4th grade.  Unfortunately, his father passed away in April of 2018 after battling cancer.  The people of the village had raised money collectively and spent a total of $6000 CAD on Sagandeep’s dad’s medical costs in hopes that it would help prolong his life and beat the cancer. He was loved dearly not only by his family, but by all of those who knew him and they say he was very hardworking and loving.  Sagandeep’s family currently lives in a broken down two bedroom home that belongs to their uncle.  The structure of the home is made of mud, so you can probably imagine what the living conditions are like for Sagandeep Singh, his brother and their mother.